Legal Help For Your Tax Problems

tax Nobody enjoys paying taxes. Dealing with tax problems, however, is even more burdensome.

You don't need to muddle through complex tax problems on your own. Taxpayers throughout the Harford County area turn to me, Allen Schuldenfrei, for aggressive representation. I am both an attorney and a certified public accountant (CPA) with nearly 30 years of experience. My masters degree (LL.M) in taxation gives me even greater insight into the intricacies of tax law.

I handle problems pertaining to any type of state or federal tax, including:

  • Personal income taxes
  • Corporate taxes
  • Payroll taxes
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Property taxes
  • Estate and gift taxes

What Sets Me Apart: Exceptional Experience In Law, Taxation And Finance

Throughout my accomplished career, I have gained experience in various aspects of finance and taxation. I worked in the tax department of Price Waterhouse in New York City and served as director of the graduate tax program at the University of Baltimore and was also a former IRS agent. These prestigious positions gave me a well-rounded perspective that I can apply for your benefit when addressing complex tax issues such as:

Few other lawyers in the area possess this extensive level of experience regarding tax representation.

Don't Assume The Worst | Examine Your Options

When it comes to tax disputes, you should never assume that you're out of options. There may be several viable courses of action to extricate you from difficult tax problems.

As a dedicated advocate for taxpayers, I will not hesitate to challenge the Internal Revenue Service, the Maryland Comptroller's Office or local tax authorities. Often, I am able to work out a favorable resolution through strategic negotiation. Much depends on the particulars of your situation. While no lawyer can guarantee outcomes, I can promise to leave no stone unturned in pursuing options for tax relief.

Get started in pursuing legal help for your tax problems. Don't fight the IRS by yourself, contact us at 410-358-7435 to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss strategies. You can also send me an email.