Attorney Who Provides Tax Relief Remedies

Individuals struggling with tax difficulties are in need of a lawyer who understands the complexities of our tax code. I am Allen Schuldenfrei, a Maryland tax attorney who holds an advanced legal degree (LL.M.) in taxation. I am a former IRS agent. I worked for the tax division of Price Waterhouse in New York City, and currently serve as director of the graduate tax program at the University of Baltimore.

My background provides me with the ability of understanding your rights and responsibilities under our current tax system. I regularly represent individuals and businesses, and I do everything in my power to protect your interests and develop a strategy based upon your personal circumstances.

Help Dealing With Tax Debt Issues

It is not uncommon for individuals to be behind on their taxes or to owe more in taxes than they are able to pay. I understand the steps to take to provide you IRS tax relief. Unfortunately, notices concerning the amount of tax due remain unchallenged - despite the fact that there may be a variety of grounds for contesting these amounts.

I help clients concerning:

When meeting with you, I will review your situation and provide you with the kinds of options you may not know exist. Whether it is the Internal Revenue Service, the Maryland Comptroller's Office or local tax authorities, I will provide you informed representation and will negotiate for the best possible outcome. I will work towards making certain you do not pay anymore than what is owed. In the event any tax debt remains, I will negotiate for an alternative method to paying this tax debt back.

Contact My Law Office Today

When facing tax relief or other tax difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 410-358-7435 to arrange a confidential consultation. While I have offices in Harford County and Anne Arundel County, I provide tax services for individuals across Maryland and the nation.