Tax Relief For Small Businesses And Business Owners

This is a particularly challenging time for small businesses and their owners. While increasingly facing many regulations, small businesses also operate on limited budgets that makes compliance with such regulations difficult.

I can help you. I am tax attorney Allen Schuldenfrei. I bring over 30 years of experience in resolving tax issues for businesses of every size. I am a former IRS agent and know what tax authorities are looking for when serving you with an audit notice and are in the process of investigating your business. As a small-business owner, I also understand the impact that tax debt can have upon your business and your ability to conduct day-to-day business.

The Types Of Small-Business Tax Relief Services I Provide

I help businesses and business owners with numerous tax issues, including:

  • Payroll tax remissions
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Business audits
  • Real estate and property tax
  • Back taxes owed
  • Resolution of tax penalty and collection issues
  • Business payment plan representation
  • Liens upon business property
  • Preparation of offer in compromise documentation

I will help you resolve your individual and business tax relief issues. I am a certified public accountant (CPA) with a master’s degree (LL.M.) in taxation. I worked in the tax division of Price Waterhouse in New York City. I also serve as director of the graduate tax program at the University of Baltimore.

My experience, education and background allow me to understand the most complex business tax issues. I know the tax courts and, as an experienced lawyer and litigator, am comfortable representing your situation in front of the IRS, the Maryland Office of the Comptroller or local tax authorities.

Truckers: I Can Help You Resolve Your Tax Issues

Long-haul trucking can be a particularly challenging business to manage if you are an owner-operator. Spending weeks on the road leaves little time for filing quarterly returns and other essential tax obligations. My firm can help you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You owe large amounts of money to the IRS in back taxes
  • You haven’t filed a tax return in several years
  • You are being audited by the IRS 
  • You are facing a federal tax lien for non-payment of taxes

I can help you negotiate with the IRS to create workable plans to resolve your tax problems. Do not let the stress of tax debt continue to weigh on you. Seek help today. 

Set Up An Initial And Confidential Consultation With Me

Please contact my Anne Arundel County and Hartford County law offices to find out more about what I can do for you by calling 410-358-7435. I provide tax relief services to individuals and businesses.